Berlin, in defense of Brussels gardens

14. April 2017 18:0020:00

Noemie Pons-Rotbardt and Livia Cahn – researchers and garden activists based in Brussels – propose a conversation (in English) around the questions : of how best to defend urban community gardens from disappearing under new urban developments? and about what kind of alliances matter ?

Noemie and Livia will share their experience of being gardeners and activists and members of a research team Ecologies de Bruxelles (at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Université Saint Louis, Brussels) that works on how urban ecologies are part of urban and social struggles. They will bring along a few documents about their favourite stories from Brussels.

On the eve of the 17th of April, the International Day of Peasant Struggles (called by Via Campesina since 1996) they will tell the story of a growing political movement in Brussels. One year ago, the Tuiniers Forum des Jardiniers (a Dutch and French hybrid name used to designate a forum of gardeners and defenders of green spaces) was formed when more than 200 urban gardeners came together to try and defend gardens and green spaces from concrete paving in Brussels. The one-year-old forum will join in with the actions and discussion planned across Belgium for the International Day of Peasant Struggles.

Noemie and Livia would like to share this search of alliances „in the making“ and would like to hear about any movements to defend free urban places in Berlin, and particularly community gardens. Join us for a conversation.

An event in cooperation with the Nachbarschaftsakademie

In Defence of the Gardens – Brussel stories

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